Early in 2009 national and international banking authorities issued new financial regulation to those companies focused on savings, funds and credits. Likewise, new financial legal mechanisms were improved to protect money of investors and savers from companies that were not properly regulated.

Now, facing this worldwide overview professional expertise is a must in financial matters, and more specifically in banking, stock exchange, and business with institutions specialized in savings, taking deposits and loans. As a result we have created a law firm dedicated exclusively to represent clients in a wide variety of financial practice areas for those national and international entrepreneurs who are interested in exploring this Mexican new financial field.

Barrera Betancourt is a law firm duly organized under the laws of Mexico founded by a group of Partners, with international experience in legal and financial practice either in governmental or private sectors.

Barrera Betancourt was founded with the main commitment to provide professional service to companies, authorities, and entrepreneurs that seek some sort of participation within the Mexican Financial System. Barrera Betancourt advises its clients on a timely manner and according to terms they would like to perform business in financial field.