Barrera Betancourt is a company founded by a group of partners with extensive and proven legal and financial experience in both the public and private sectors.

Organized duly under the laws of the Mexican Republic, Barrera Betancourt was born with the commitment to provide professional services to all companies, authorities and entrepreneurs that compose or seek to participate in the Mexican Financial System, advising them in a timely manner and terms in which they wish to participate in the sector.


In early 2009, national and international authorities issued new regulatory mechanisms for financial institutions and specifically for their public resource-raising and credit placement.

New financial figures were also emerged to protect the interests of savers from those activities that were deregulated and are now based on common legislation.


Faced with this new landscape, there is an urgent need for the advice and expertise of professionals specialized in banking, stock and especially financial intermediation.

That is why we have created a company dedicated exclusively to offering the breadth of services that any entrepreneur requires to enter and adapt to this new financial field.